Statutory health insurance leads from the leader

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For more than ten years, Leads has also been a statutory health insurance provider, providing consultants with a convenient way to acquire new customers over the long term. With the introduction of a cash-specific additional contribution at the beginning of 2015, a renewed contribution autonomy of the health insurance funds has reawakened the interest of consultation among consumers.

Why are statutory health insurance leads suitable for customer acquisition?

In times of uniform health insurance contribution consumers had little interest in changing their health insurance, as long as they were satisfied with this. However, with the new additional contribution since January 1, 2015, there is again extensive autonomy of contributions at the coffers. Many statutory health insured are therefore interested in changing their health insurance to save monthly contributions. As a consultant you can use statutory health insurance leads not only to mediate a suitable health insurance. Customer inquiries about health insurance are also ideal for cross-selling, for example in supplementary health insurance or long-term care.

How are statutory health insurance leads generated?

The statutory health insurance leads of are usually generated via our unique rate calculator and via product pages such as As a consultant, you will receive customer questions from people who have already shown active interest in the topic of statutory health insurance and health insurance change . The details of the request from the rate calculator with the GKV Lead will be made available to you. This allows you to respond to the customer individually and to convince them of their expertise even better.