Easy Payday Loan

Payday loan consolidation – available to everyone?

We usually associate Payday loan consolidations with those that are available to any interested person.Pożyczka pozabankowa – dostępna dla każdego?







However, in fact, non-bank companies also have specific requirements that must be met. Who can get a Payday loan consolidation outside the bank?

Fast, convenient, available for almost everyone, and also the Internet – a non-bank loan has many advantages, but it is not intended for everyone. Although we usually think that everyone can get such loans, loan companies also check their clients and refuse them when their requirements are not met.

Non-bank loans available

Loan companies that operate non-banking now offer us several different types of loans .

We present them below.

• The first of these is a payday loan – a quick loan that we receive for a month. It works when we need a small amount.

• When we want a higher sum and debt that is easier to repay, the best solution will be an installment loan . Also, we can get it non-banking.

In addition, we can also use other types of loans, for example loans secured or mortgages, which we receive for the pledge of real estate.

If we need a quick loan, it is best to think about using the installment loan or payday loans. However, we should be careful with the breaks, because the repayment takes place then in a month, so we have to calculate whether we can afford to pay the whole in such a short time.

Who can become a customer of a non-bank company?

To become a client of a non-banking Payday loan consolidation company, we should first of all have Polish citizenship and have an address of residence in our country. We also need to have a valid ID card.

Loan companies also require that the customer has income.

It may come from a variety of sources, for example, it may be income from a contract of employment, due to running your own business, pension, old-age or civil law contracts. Of course, non-bank loans are also possible without having income, but they are very expensive.

In addition, we must also have a good credit history included in the databases – BIK and BIG. On this basis, the loan company can determine if we are a reliable customer. When in the past we had difficulties in paying off debts and we were entered as debtors to one of the bases, then we can meet with refusal.

When will we meet with a refusal?

So if you want to get a non-bank loan, you also have to meet certain requirements. Precise information on this subject can be found on the websites of non-bank companies that publish on-line requirements.

In addition, there are a number of situations when we will also be able to face a refusal to grant us a non-bank loan.

For example, in many companies we can not have two loans at the same time. We will also receive a refusal if we complete the application incorrectly. Loan companies have their own requirements, so sometimes it is difficult to indicate what the exact reason for refusal was.