How to check my loan application status

At the time of the tightening, an online personal loan can be the salvation. Accumulated many debts and can not pay? Is the credit card rotary turning a snowball? Or maybe you want to take that little break and travel a little? The loan money can serve that – and more!

Here at , the loan application process is quite simple. You make a simulation of the amount you need, the number of installments you want to pay and you already see what their monthly value will be. You make the request informing some data, such as bank account, CPF and address and waiting for our return.

But then, how do you know the status of the loan application? That’s what we’ll talk about today! Keep reading and find out what happens after you place your order!

Analysis process

The first step after clicking the “request my loan” button is the analysis of your request, which can be approved or not. It is worth remembering that to apply for your loan online you must be over 18 years old, have an account at a bank, be with the active CPF and inform your contact information.

The analysis of your financial profile is done automatically by our system that considers your credit score. For those who do not know, the score is a score that each CPF has before the Brazilian financial system.

This score can range from 0 to 1000 and represents how good the payer you are. That is, the higher your score, the more chances you will have to pass. To calculate your score, several factors are taken into account, such as number of debts incurred (and cleared, of course), payment of bills on time, if you use your credit card a lot, among others.

It is also important that you provide as much information as possible when applying for your loan – no doubt this will also make a difference in your assessment.

Checking the status of my request

Checking the status of my request

Now that you know how the process of analyzing your financial profile is, it’s time to know the status of the loan application . Usually, soon after completing the form, you receive a response in a matter of minutes.

This response may be “declined,” “approved,” or “verified.” It will also arrive in your informed email if you have already closed ‘s website. If you did not receive the email (remember to check your spam box), you have two options to view the status of the loan request:

  • Log in to the personal area of ​​’s site (you can access by clicking here), log in with your data and check the status of the loan request;
  • Call our toll-free service at 0800-025-8976 or 4020-1745 or send an email to Mr @ client. Dick and ask one of our attendants the status of your request.

For those who have the request approved, the amount requested falls within a matter of hours in the account informed, which must be owned by the applicant for the loan.

Now, if your request is refused, it is not the end of the world! You can follow some of the tips we’ve separated to try to improve your credit score and your financial profile, and then try to make a new request.

In the case of those who receive the response “in check”, just wait to receive a contact from one of our attendants to confirm some data that may have remained pending and receive the final response.

Applying for a loan with is easy, practical and, what’s best, can be done without leaving home, by the computer or even by your smartphone. Download our app available for Android and simulate your loan right now! You will also be able to see the status of the loan application for it.