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For more than ten years, Leads has also been a statutory health insurance provider, providing consultants with a convenient way to acquire new customers over the long term. With the introduction of a cash-specific additional contribution at the beginning of 2015, a renewed contribution autonomy of the health insurance funds has reawakened the interest of consultation among consumers.

Why are statutory health insurance leads suitable for customer acquisition?

In times of uniform health insurance contribution consumers had little interest in changing their health insurance, as long as they were satisfied with this. However, with the new additional contribution since January 1, 2015, there is again extensive autonomy of contributions at the coffers. Many statutory health insured are therefore interested in changing their health insurance to save monthly contributions. As a consultant you can use statutory health insurance leads not only to mediate a suitable health insurance. Customer inquiries about health insurance are also ideal for cross-selling, for example in supplementary health insurance or long-term care.

How are statutory health insurance leads generated?

The statutory health insurance leads of are usually generated via our unique rate calculator and via product pages such as As a consultant, you will receive customer questions from people who have already shown active interest in the topic of statutory health insurance and health insurance change . The details of the request from the rate calculator with the GKV Lead will be made available to you. This allows you to respond to the customer individually and to convince them of their expertise even better.

Why is fixed income deflated after Le Pen's defeat?

This week has finally cleared the immediate future of the European Union after the victory in the French elections of the young candidate by the centrist party En Marche! Emmanuel Macron in front of his rival the far-right National Front Marine Le Pen, which he threatened to do if he reached the Elysée “a second Brexit” that would completely weaken the aspirations to consolidate a common European project.

Although these elections can yield many readings, focusing on the problems that existed in the European Union after the unexpected departure from the United Kingdom, the result is satisfactory from the point of view of the general interests of the Member States of the Economic Community European


First political and economic impact in France

If we analyze the results of these elections in a political key, we can see that the voters have decided to continue and believe in the European project and reject the racist, xenophobic, autarchic and anti-Europeanist ideologies defended by Le Pen’s political program. Although we would be wrong if we forgot that about a third of French voters advocated a system change because of the accumulation of excess in recent years. This has caused that the traditional political parties have suffered a severe punishment, remember that the Socialist Party of Hamon has obtained an insignificant 6% in the first round, and therefore the liberal policies of Macron will have to correct all the excesses and errors made by the last governments to avoid a turn to the extreme right in the next elections.

The following graph shows the distribution of the vote according to the provinces, confirming that in the large urban population’s Macron was the most voted, with Le Pen winning only in a peripheral province in the north.

Elecciones Francia 2017


In the French countryside, the economic effects immediately after the defeat of Le Pen could not have been more positive. The French risk premium has fallen to values close to 35 basis points, one of its lowest levels in the year, and the 10-year French bond has also decreased its value close to 0.10% since the beginning of the elections with the celebration of the first round on April 23. Equities, on the other hand, have shot up; the CAC 40, the stock index equivalent to the Spanish IBEX 35, has reached its highest historical value in the last nine years, standing at over 5,300 points.


How do these elections influence Spain as a community partner?

As a neighboring country with important import and export trade relations with France and as a member of the European Union, we are one of the States with the greatest impact and influence due to the results of the Gallic elections.

Analyzing the Spanish market the days after the elections, we verified that the risk premium fell to 115 basis points and the interest required to the Spanish 10-year bond was around 1.6% (in the graph below it can be observed ). Following the trends of the French country’s stock exchange, the IBEX 35 also outperformed by stabilizing around 11,000 points.

Bono 10 años España


Regarding fixed income, the confirmation of the permanence of France in the European Union has confirmed the negative interest rates for Bills of the Treasury at six and twelve months (see the attached graph to check the different returns of the fixed income in Spain). In fact, in the closest auction that the Spanish Treasury has issued after the second round of the French elections, they have been placed thanks to the European Central Bank 4,676 million euros in six-month bills with -0.398% and twelve-month bills with -0.327 %.


The first conclusion that emerges from these results is that forecasts that predicted a stagnation of fixed income in negative values or close to 0% are confirmed and will remain valid at least until the end of 2018.

As a second conclusion, we can affirm that this defeat of the National Front confirms and supports the European economic project, which in the markets has translated into a lower aversion to risk.

Finally, this decrease in risk aversion on the part of the markets underscores the European Union’s tenure towards new expansive policies that allow States to place debt at a very low cost and penalize investments on deposits and short-term fixed income. , causing a more significant impact of the doubt in the medium and long-term. For this same reason, from the investor’s point of view, it is time to look for alternatives.


Where to find a substitute product for fixed income?

This situation forces us to look for substitute investment products that offer at least the same security with attractive interest rates. An investment product with these characteristics is found in the guaranteed investment operations with high profitability offered by MytripleA, a crowdlending platform licensed by the CNMV and the Bank of Spain.

Thanks to this product, any investor who registers for free on the platform can invest their savings from 50 euros with a return of 2% + Euribor and monthly maturities of the installments without any risk for lending their money. This is possible thanks to the guarantees in the form of an endorsement presented by different Reciprocal Guarantee Companies with which MytripleA has agreements. In this way, if a company fails to pay any fee, the corresponding SGR is obliged to pay in a maximum of 90 days the principal capital of the investors as well as the ordinary interest generated until the date of default. If we compare this guaranteed investment alternative with bank deposits and fixed income, we see that they differ enormously in the profitability granted to investors in favor of MytripleA.

Finally, after more than 30 years of exclusive use of these guarantees by banks with a 0% default, private investors have access to these operations guaranteed by SGR by investing directly in loans to SMEs and freelancers. To know these advantages, register as an investor and invest without putting your savings at risk.

Credit Card Debt Help In Three Forms

Usually, payday loans online offer instant approval obtain the rapid approval of the company’s application process online. Now, after entering your personal data and revenue stream, you could be accepted to buy payday loan- things you need for a payday loan. All it takes a jiffy in any. And the money directly towards your bank account in under 1 moment.

Getting out of credit card debt can be a long and frustrating development. However, if you take advantage of 0% APR balance transfer offers, you can get out of debt faster and save a significant sum of interest after the process. In this article, we’ll explore how it can be done for a person with $5000 in credit card debt to save between $1700 and $4200 on interest and be debt free in about 3 years.

It is essential that you retain your interest-free credit card offers under 30 %. Keeping your balances low can easier so that manage. The extra money you owe on credit, the more the interest adds up and eventually overwhelms your site.

Appropriately referred to as junk mail, every once in a while you might discover a nice glossy letter on your doormat informing you that you have been ‘pre-approved’ a USA visa card. With your pulse racing, you start to believe then hype goods a fantastic customer you are and what amount your custom is cherished. Hold on the tiger – may well well be falling for one of the most massive credit card scams preparing!

A separate consumer or business owner may have several causes of wanting managed balances. Chief among these reasons could be the desire to save money by for benefiting from individual expenditures. Many credit card issuers offer 0% APR balance interest-free credit cards introductory rates that last anywhere from 6 to a year. I have even seen some offers that last for as long as 15 months. Advanta is this offer.

A set price is a rate that doesn’t change. Zero percent balance transfer credit cards with a low set rate may not offer a 0.00% introductory APR, although they might present a 7.99% APR that remains this low no matter how long it takes you to clear your balance, rather than skyrocketing more than 19.99% for the introductory period is far more.

As things cost we decide to make less, many are turning this to their best available credit as a way to bail them via a financial tough some amount of time. Almost 10 percent of people are beginning to use their credit cards as an approach to give the bills, gaining cash advances on their credit limit to funds monthly obligations.

While undoubtedly are many excellent reasons to apply to have a credit card, it is sensible to put emphasis on keeping yourself secure also. In the event that sort you might need issues handling money, chances are you’ll want to get the MasterCard and make it in a right place. The method you aren’t enticed in order to create use of computer frivolously. Probably not forget, really the best balance transfer credit cards can keep a substantial amount of capital.

Gold Investing Techniques For Huge Profits

You can join all of the credit card payments into one payment through the use of a debt consolidation loans consolidation reduction loan. You take the funds from the debt consolidation loan to all of your credit card balances. You might be left with one loan and something payment each month.

It’s unlikely you could actually save enough using low-return guaranteed- or fixed-income property to meet your retirement requirements. You simply have to invest in sufficient risky assets to get the overall return necessary to fund your own retirement nest egg. Using uncertainty today about worldwide markets, high volatility plus a fresh memory of a close to global financial meltdown, too many investors have been fleeing the particular stock markets. That’s an enormous mistake. After every “crisis” global markets have regularly recovered, and this time it can no different.

Path 1: A person manages everything internally. You might be a jack-of-all-trades after all plus you’ve hired people like you that may wear multiple hats. Excellent. You manage sales, advertising, customer service, payroll, Human Resources (of course it’s hard to maintain App developers), Development, Style, Copywriting, Project Management, Company Development, the definition of investor relations, Benefits personal loans no credit check bad credit Digesting, Information Technology, Purchasing, Lease plus facilities Management – everything. Your justification – it can too expensive to outsource — I would rather just have just one employee multi-task and get a few of these done. And you do get this done and prove a place.

Instability may be the word that best details the global economy at the moment, once we seem to be teetering on the advantage of a cliff, and a solitary push will lead to an entirely free fall. The results will not be quite as entire countries should go bankrupt and their paper foreign currencies will plummet. However, precious metal, which is the only valid foreign currency, will always maintain its intrinsic worth. That is why everyone should consider hedging their unsecured consolidation loans with bad credit assets with precious metal and Karatbar Gold is an excellent option for people who can’t make lump sum investments in precious metal.

What exactly is a good way to getting started along with small-cap stocks? Well for that investor relations salary or the risky investor who has money to burn off, the situation is entirely different. In case you are a long-term investor who does just like to put a few 100 dollars to work with the expectations of striking it large, you should probably invest in a business that deals in something which you are familiar with. For example, so what do you spend your free time upon? Playing video games? Playing with your dog? Playing with infants? All these issues could lead you to small-cap businesses to find out about what they’re providing.

Nevertheless, we do talk about what we should call the “Run-Down” along with options straddles. These not necessarily my specialty, but There are made healthy profits investing in these methods. But again, these are only for Google investor relations who can remain the added risk.

When the lender agrees to the brief sale, the lender has the directly to issue the homeowner 1099 for the shorted distinction, due to a provision in the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE code about debt forgiveness. Some situations are exempt from debt forgiveness based on the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Work of 2007.

I do salute the writer for making a point I thought just I understood — that will investing risk does not cost volatility but real-world activities that force businesses to slice or stop paying payouts.

The Particular Secrets Of The Business Period

If you are struggling with massive personal credit card debt and feeling exhausted to discover a legitimate way to eliminate your dues, you are left with two options. Either it is possible to choose to file a bankruptcy suit or you can try to get rid of your credit card debt settlement debt for less with the help of a debt reduction program. Filing a bankruptcy case is not the first thing you need to do if you are burdened with debt. It should be your final resort as it contains lots of disadvantages which will befall on your financial career. What about the other option- debt settlement?

Blogging has been around for quite some time. Since the Internet marketers have discovered the strength of blogging Web Posting is gaining in reputation and showing a geometrical growth. It has started to transfer to the realm of being an individual diary for individuals and relocating, in some cases, toward being a company tool. Technologically astute businessmen are using blogs to connect more directly with their workers and their customers.

Since the final presidential election, the economic climate has lost 1. several million jobs while incorporating 3. 6 million a lot more into the SSDI program. In a recent survey by the Nationwide Association of business economics, it can state that only 23% of all US companies intend to hire workers in the next 6 months. Added to that, the US production levels are now at the cheapest level since June this year. The US economic confidence catalog is now at the lowest coach anyone how to since January 2012. Along with municipalities and businesses countrywide filing for bankruptcy, to know how bad it will obtain before it gets much better.

Too many people are experiencing an excessive amount of week at the end of the salary thanks to current macroeconomic issues 2015 in the world. This may not mean, however, that you need to not attempt to find much better-paying work. Look at your present experience; have you excelled in your current position for years at a time? Employers are feeling the particular crunch right now as well and a lot of are seeking experienced and productive employees, and they are willing to shell out the dough! Talk to a career counselor these days about the possibilities.

The 80/20 principle also known as the Pareto Basic principle states “that, for many occasions, roughly 80 percent from the effects come from 20 % of the causes”. As this fundamental principle holds true in business, economics, plus software development; I, as well, believe it is right for dual under training.

Split from fear and find approval for what we all should face. Easier said than done, but when your daily life includes regular self-care you will discover the internal strength and self-love to develop acceptance from serious within. It is incredible precisely what regular stress management can perform to assist you in your search for serenity and acceptance.

Are You Investing In Commercial Real Estate?

We get roughly five calls every day from commercial loan fx brokers. Most of these calls are a thorough waste of your energy for us as the broker has little or no control of the file and doesn’t have seen in one documentation inside the deal. Contain no idea if some individuals doable or not. The broker is almost always trying to get an idea if the mortgage loan is fundable, what the restrictions are and however what the rates and charges would be on the proposed note.

The best commercial loans market is undoubtedly changing and adjusting. In many circumstances and at the point this continues for on the least 12 months with the reworking and disposal of distressed property. All this says substantial opportunity is available for the agents that cooperate with mortgagees and financiers, together with solicitors and accountants. There are buyers you can get who may up a great deal property at the right price; the prices just can come down so that one can leverage an issue. Fewer buyers will be excited about the single property so careful negotiation is the universal rule. This is when the skills of the competent and confident broker come to the fore.

Fast payday loans no credit check needed are free from all sorts of small, and significant formalities. Many people needing money don’t apply for any cash help because of the anxiety about the conditions associated with loans. It is seen that if you want funds to help you have to do faxing, and then lots of paperwork and many more fluffy formalities. These all may appear small but greatest complete process very rigorous online payday loan lenders.

Here are the problems: Your next payday loans is the subsequent Friday-seven days from today. The interest fee per hundred bucks borrowed is $20. To hire $500 for one seven days, you will pay a hundred buck finance charge plus the quantity acquired. Your total pay back will be $600. The interest per annum rate (APR) for this mortgage is 1, 040%.

All it is advisable to remember concerning the main associated with loans is there are Private Loans which are otherwise since Hard Money commercial loans. Although Private Loans are more uncomplicated to obtain, and swimming pool is vital applying extremely simple, you’ll get nailed by using a higher percentage rate.

As residential and 30-year commercial mortgage rates broker I am trying different contacts with accountants, family law solicitors, finance brokers (i.e., ones who do factoring & leasing), insurance brokers who don’t charge a financial services arm, insolvency practitioners, independent estate agents, and so on. But first and foremost – established, two partner or higher accountancy services.

Don’t just settle for the purpose you may get. Always try out and arbitrate offer points. A California Commercial Loan Officer will get paid well for any deal he finalizes, so a good one will each day intervene offer points for you to allow you to receive the lowest price possible. Of course this rrs dependent upon cash Up-Front, your Credit Score, Work History, Location, etc.

If you need to get financing for your project, you have to take into consideration these three issues. Entirely nothing is you can do about liquidity and in general of a bank, we can along with risk. Which way? Get creative. Consider putting more cash into the project. Flip your project into minimal partnership market off limited partnership explains to you. Yes, you lose some of your equity, but maintain control and get cash to make the financing possible.

Begin your quest by creating a little research session on some potential property managers. According to the size of the market, you may have only a couple of companies to several to select from.

A considerate loan officer will take the time to reply your questions and interact with you throughout every phase of the loan process. Use a great site, and you’ll be prepared, confident, and most likely, allowed.

Payday Loans Online – What And How

Some ladies choose to finally ask to obtain a pre-determined amount within money when applying to obtain their lend but others allow how the loan service provider to decide how quite money may possibly be currently offered to buyers. Store credit is money on a card or receipt which can be used on future purchases within that store. This is often necessary when people are overwhelmed with unexpected expenses and cannot handle the rapid turnaround times that are commonly associated with short-term funding products. You need to search for the best loaning company online


Internet is certainly the most reliable bet designed for looking pertaining to the spot on debt consolidation company. These are therefore best suited for those who encounter bad acknowledgement and gain dramatically little interest rates that visit poor credit score rating loans. However, you should fulfill with some requirements in order to avail for best cash loans. With the credit score historical past and even previous bankruptcy not being a problem, all you need to have to get a mortgage is to have a position. Usually achieve more than 18 years 3 months loans loans are available in the U.S..

One of the complaints about the iPad 2 was its poor resolution. But, the loan might not be sufficient for you while purchasing the car or for home maintenance. Borrowers who actually have their own house hold then all the people can feel taking to choose from a loan against or even property.

That time the only solution for you is lenders for payday loans no credit check facility. All-in-all, it is a perfect cash solution to meet your financial needs. The competing firms in this valuable field features forced unquestionably the lenders diminishing with these ethics so as to lend credit loan simply for maintaining business then existence thereby. If you are eligible and are longing for some cash sum to come handy, in that case it is these loans that will play an imperative role all over fixing up the fiscal anguish you are wedged in. Any certain can lend a very small loan percentage varying from ??100-??1500.

The last thing a young person needs is to be limited to cash advances or payday loan lenders online only before starting a career. Business economic typically come in three cash advance flavors. The great thing and payday loan services would be that they are speedy, you can ensure that cash is something you are able to get in hand and quickly pay a bill that is past due at the moment. This may be because of the achievement of via the web lending websites available, building comparison to do with loan equipment really tricky.

Some corrupt loan police officers might use payday loan telling naive buyers that a majority of their debit is “too bad” for many standard schooling and option loans to have people when it comes to less than just perfect breaks. Whenever you buy that your new bank car loan has unfavorable conditions this kind of would motive be most better to take towards account refinancing it with another budget institution what offers far better durations on any table. This is not a good idea as most payday lending websites approve loans quickly. Extremely likely this company will take credit again furthermore again because they effortlessly not locate ahead using so considerably money most likely back as a way to pay currently the loan before.